Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas Already?

To everyone who reads my blog let me please offer up a sincere apology for my lack of posts the past 2 weeks. I have been taking some time off and focusing on my family while I have been home. I've actually been home more this month which hasn't happened in quite some time. 33 has been burning up the roads and it's great but I need my family! They are my main ministry so to not get the time I need with them is painful. Needless to say, the time off has been a huge gift!
It feels weird to see my last post being Halloween pics and now I am posting a Christmas pic. Isn't it cute though??? We are officially decorated for Christmas at the Barton house! Why you ask? Well, we have no family in Nashville. Every year we travel to LA for Christmas. We typically leave right in the middle of December around the 15th because of 33Miles shows. This year we made the decision to decorate early so we could enjoy our home in all of it's Christmas glory for at least a month!!! The pic is the boys decorating their own tree in their playroom! Aren't they precious?? Getting your kids their own tree is something I recommend. We bought this lil 6ft tree at Target after the holidays last Christmas for $5 and all the ornaments are ones that they made or have been in our family for years! It's a great tradition we have added to our home and the boys think it is the coolest thing in the whole world!
Look, I know that Thanksgiving comes first and I will definitely give thanks for all of God's blessings in my life. I'm just going to give thanks listening to Christmas music and watching twinkling lights!!!


aprildo said...

Your fans totally understand you wanting to spend more time with your family, even though we do miss your blog! Your boys are so adorable. Hope your tour is going well and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Vilmar said...

Hi Jason! My name is Vilmar. I'm from Brazil and I just love 33 miles! I've just watched a video in your website and you asked your fans to post comments on your blog..So, here I am to say that I'm sure God is happy with you guys. Brazil loves you!
God bless you all.

iLovewallyfromtotalaxxess said...

i love you guys i saw a video on youtube that siad you wanted people tp post on your blog so here i am i just love your song just one of those days and a nothe ac is gone i lov it