Monday, November 17, 2008

Live From Studio B

33Miles had a great weekend! On Friday night we reunited with our good friends at Tabernacle Baptist in Decatur, IL, and had an awesome time! We drove to Chicago afterwards because we had the day off. I love Chicago! I had fun shopping on Michigan Ave., hangin' with the guys, seeing the new Bond movie with our drummer, Adam, and topping off the night with my favorite pizza from Giordano's!!! It was an awesome day. The only way it could've been better would be to have had Jennifer with me! On Sunday we drove to Goshen, IN, for a show there and then to South Bend for radio and TV tapings. Today we were on the WFRN morning show which was a blast as well as Pulse FM! We wrapped up the day with a taping for "Live From Studio B"! We had a great time taping a live set for this show. I will try and find out when it's going to air and on what network. The pic above is the set we played on. I think we may steal it for our set! Whatcha think?


Diana. said...

I really enjoyed time in Gatlinburg when you were there and actually I could hear you first time (I'm not from US, so i heard about you first time here). I wish that in Poland will be band like yours. It's so need to reach to young people throught the music... You are doing great job. I hope that we will have something like that in Poland some day. I'm praying about it all the time. Z Bogiem! (God bless you!)

hayley said...

yeah! go decatur! :)
it really was awesome.
oh, and wbgl apologizes for getting you mixed up with another band, haa :)