Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Trick-or-Treat Day!!!

Jake decided yesterday that "Happy Halloween" just didn't work for him so he changed it to "Happy Trick-or-Treat Day" and what a happy day it was! Jen took Jake to a costume party/play date with friends while Jonah and I stayed behind and worked out to prep for the candy consumption that would take place later. We all met up for lunch at Mellow Mushroom for pizza and then home for naps (more preparation). I got the yard shaped up and then it was time!!! Woody and Buzz had a BLAST being wheeled around the neighborhood collecting (and consuming) candy!!! Mom and Dad did as well. God bless whoever invented Smarties and the KitKat!!! We also went to a party at our friends the Guice's. We had a great night. The boys were so precious in their costumes and it was fun to watch them trick-or-treat. Jonah really suprised me. He would squeal with excitement and was so polite..."trick-or-treat, please, thank you"! I was so proud of both of them! Jen and I ended our night by staying up late watching The Bodyguard! Sing it with me, "and I...e-I...e-I...will always love you....!"!!!!


aprildo said...

I agree with the Smarties! Your little guys are so adorable!

Electroluminescence. said...

your family is precious! :]

6justmyopinion said...

Love your site...
Hi from Auburn, CA.
Got here from Brody.

I'm his mom.....

Your family is beautiful.
Blessings. Barb

Jess said...

Hey, Jason!
Here to say 'Hi' via Brody. :)
But, am glad to see you have a blog and look forward to reading it more!
LOVE 33 Miles... keep up the great work!
God Bless!

Chad said...

DUDE. glad you are doing this.